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7 Exercises You Can Do Right In Your Chair

Juggling a career, personal life, as well as other responsibilities, often leave people with hardly any time left for exercise. Between the long commute and many hours spent on the road driving, people can barely put one foot in front of the other and move.  The problem is that with everyone’s busy lifestyles, convenience has [...]

How to Optimize Your Images for SEO

Creating SEO friendly images is simple to do, yet many website owners neglect this valuable source of search engine traffic. To make it even more simple, WordPress has some great tools built in to help you optimize your images, and you use the All-in-One SEO Pack to maximize your optimization. The most important thing to [...]

3 Major Ways to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

Do you really want to learn how to skyrocket your blog traffic over 100%? Well, I have got you covered in this article, as I have spared no effort in sharing the three (3) major ways your blog can improve its website traffic and in the process make you money. But just before I go [...]

8 Beginning Blogger Mistakes That You Should Avoid.

You might have heard other people say that starting and managing your own blog is easy. You may also have thought of this yourself, because after all, how could simple blog writing and posting be that difficult, right? While this may seem to be the case, the truth is, blogging done right, is not as [...]

What Are Private Blog Networks (PBN) And Why You Need Them To Rank High On Google Search

A PBN is a network of websites that you own and control, primarily composed of “expired domains” that carry some authority over a previous life. The premise is that even a small number of authoritative links pointing back to your “money site” or main niche site can skyrocket its ranking in Google. Unlike public blog [...] Launched: A Platform That Helps Discover Price of Any Electronic Gadget And Where You Can Buy Them

Getting the right prices and the right place to shop electronic gadget in Africa as long be a challenging factor. Imagine for a minute; at your comfort zone, you have the opportunity to get all information you need about your favourite phone, laptop, tablet, camera, smart watch, etc. and list of several stores within your [...]

How to Stop AdSense From Disabling Your Account for Invalid Click Activity

Just last week Google AdSense did a mass cleaning and disable a whole lot of account for invalid click activity, so i decided to write on the simple ways you can keep your account from getting disabled for that… Invalid activity is one of the most common things which affright every new AdSense publisher. As [...]

How to Earn $100 Every Month from ClickBank

Not a single day passes by that I received emails from one person to another seeking for employment or how to make money online due to growing rate of unemployment. It is undisputable fact that 80% of these people are graduates since our institutions do not teach sel-job and wealth creation.In this post, we discuss [...]

Simple Ways to Know Which Contents on Your Blog Violates AdSense Policies

Google Adsense is by far one of the most popular and lucrative contextual ad network, which provides a good income source for many blogs. There are well-defined terms of service to strictly adhere to when participating in the program. Adsense is very strict when it comes to it TOS, that’s why you need to make [...]

How to Create a Verified PayPal Account In Ghana And Cash Out Directly To Your Bank Account

Gone are the days when creating and withdrawing cash from PayPal account in Ghana seems difficult for some of us. I can assure you, that wait is finally over. Pa­yPal is the world largest online payme­nts compa­ny, You can’t do without it if you want to receive money online from top companies around the world [...]