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10 Tools To Let You Know Everything About a Website(Traffic, Earnings, Backlinks)

This are some of the questions advertisers or even common visitors feel the need to ask when they are on a certain website in regards to advertisement, services, help etc; How do i find the Website server location. How do i know the website rank. How do i find domain age of the website. How [...]

How To Set Up Your Own Cloud Server

With the internet speeds growing faster and faster over the past decade or so, the question of storing all the information we keep hoarding on our computers has steadily grown in importance. CDs have pretty much gone the way of the dinosaurs, internal and external storage devices are still very much in use, but plenty [...]

6 Tips to Keep Your Whatsapp Chats Private & Safe

WhatsApp has elevated from just being a simple instant messenger that can be used for sending and receiving text, photo, video and audio messages and now users can even share locations.It’s probably one of the most used apps on any smartphone,very easy to use and even work well when the connection is slow.That makes it [...]

5 Most Popular Scams You Should Avoid On Facebook

Social networking websites like Facebook is so convenient that,spammers can simply gain access to your personal information like your location,online status etc, through distorted wall posts,videos and links.But fortunately,there are some simple measures you can take to avoid this spammers. Below are the 5 most popular scams you should avoid: 1.Explicit Photos And Videos Almost [...]