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10 Tools To Let You Know Everything About a Website(Traffic, Earnings, Backlinks)


This are some of the questions advertisers or even common visitors feel the need to ask when they are on a certain website in regards to advertisement, services, help etc;

How do i find the Website server location.
How do i know the website rank.
How do i find domain age of the website.
How do i know traffic of a website.
How do i find out website back-links.
How do i know the location of the website.
How do i Contact the website Admin
How do i know the earnings of the website.
How do i know the platform the site is hosted on
How do i know what ad networks they are using to monetize a site
Here are the best 10 services/tools online which can really help you to know each and every details about any website; aid you to know basic contact and details of the owner of a website,query the database of all popular domain registrars,site’s hosting, name servers, ip address,the Registration date and expiry date of the domain can all be known,If the owner has not detained his/her contact information private address to contact and his address.

It can also show you the ranking,page views for a website for that particular months and how the website fared the last three month ago.

This tool tells you whether your website or blog is accessible from different countries and locations in the world. It has 30 monitoring stations across the globe,so you have a better idea about your site availability in different regions.Very simple user interface,you just need to enter a website’s URL and it will check for its status in various countries.It will show the result ‘okay’ if you site is accessible from that country and shows ‘packet loss 100%’ if site is inaccessible.

If you want to know the popularity of a website and how it’s faring compared to it competitors,then is the best service for you.With this tool you can know how your site is doing on various popular social networks like Facebook,Twitter and Google+ site.It combines data from this social media sites and uses them as a measure of predicting a site’s popularity.It also reveal you Google Page Rank of that website along with Web of Trust Matrix.

4.PageSpeed Insights

Pagespeed is a Google owned tool that helps check site’s speed.You just need to enter a site URL and you will be notify about the Page Speed score(Load speed)The results displays both desktop and mobile devices load speed.The higher your site’s load speed,the less it takes to load when visitors come to your site. This tool also provides you some suggestions on improving your site’s speed.

This is a tool which helps you in analyzing your competitors website. Semrush can help you know what organic keywords are people using to find a website or searching for,what is the site’s traffic and can figure out who your real competitors are.

This service offers a wide-ranging report of any website’s IP address,hosting provider,location of a website, DNS information of a website and other website that are hosted on that server. You can also find reviews and comments regarding a website. It will tell you number of daily visitors to that site.

With BuiltWith to know the technology profile of any website. It helps you figure out the web server the site is hosted on,the content management system,the theme and programming language of a website,mail service provider of a domain, the advertising partners, the tracking and analytics widgets that are installed on a website and whether the site is using any CDN (Content Delivery Network).

This is a accumulated report of all performance related metrics for a website. It keeps a record of the size of pages, their average load time and the number of failed requests (missing resources) over time, check image format on a website,the transfer size and request of programming language on a site like,html,css,javascript,and also displays the pagespeed of a website.

With this tool you can check compatibility,frameworks and libraries of website with various browsers and detects coding errors that might cause problems. It also checks a website looks on different devices and browsers.

Chilling effects know all the copyright related complaints regarding a website,whenever a copyright complaint is filed against a website a copy of that complaint is archived in this Chilling Effects database.All you have to do is to place the url of the website in the “search all notice” box and press the “go” button,it will query all the copyright infringement complaints against that particular website.

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