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How To Read The PECO Outage Map And Report Outages

The PECO outage map shows customers currently experiencing power outages. There is more to the map than just checking outages that is why I have taken it upon myself to elaborate on all the necessary things you must understand about using the PECO outage map.

I wrote earlier about How To Start Service With PECO In PA where I explained how the PECO Energy Company’s new service request procedure works.

In this short but very informative article, we will be looking at how to read the PECO power outage map and how to report an outage to the company in case you experience some.

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How to read the PECO outage map

The PECO outage map shows customers who are experiencing power outages and it shows exactly where those customers are.

Knowing how to read the map is very important for so many reasons. You will get to know whether your outage has been reported or not. You also get to find out what is happening after you have reported your outage. Let us take a look at how to read the outage map.

how to check power outage-PECO

  • Click on “Outages” from the navigation bar and select “View Outages” from the drop-down menu. refer to the screenshot below
PECO outage map
  • After clicking on the “View Outage Map”, you should land on a new page covered with this giant map. It should be similar to the one in the screenshot below.
the PECO outage map

The image above shows a map similar to what you will see when you open the PECO outage map on a large-screen device.

Outage Summary Menu

The first thing you will notice on the map is the “Outage Summary Menu”. It should be on the left side of the screen if you open the map on a larger screen. It comes with a button that helps you to toggle it only when you need it.

The first thing you will see is the “Outage Summary”. This shows the total number of customers PECO Energy Company has so far, the number of active outages, and the total number of customers affected by the PECO power outages.

There are also “Summary Reports” which will help you filter the outage reports by county. You also have “Weather” that helps you adjust filters for weather conditions causing power outages.

On top of the map, you have navigation links that will help you perform different actions depending on what you want to do.

The first link is the “Check Outage Status” which will help you to check the status of the outage. Sometimes, you even get to know how long it will take for the outage to be resolved.

The second link is the “Report Outage” link which also helps you report a power outage. Especially, if you are experiencing an outage but can not find your area report on the PECO outage map.

The third link is “Enrol in Alerts”. This will help you register for an alert sender that will send you alerts as soon as PECO Energy Company notices a power outage in your area.

The last link is the PECO mobile app download button. It does what it says it does.

The PECO outage map

The PECO outage map itself has navigation buttons on both the left and right sides of the map. It also has some nice colorful pins on it which show the active outages. If you zoom in on the colorful pins, the pins will spread out showing the exact locations where customers are experiencing power outages.

In most cases, the pins might not be as accurate as the reports are since it is only pinned for the entire area. One interesting thing you should know about the pins is that if you click on a pin, it shows the outage status of that particular pin on the right side of the map.

The search button on the left side of the map can also be used to find your home address to see if there is a power outage at your address.

You can also use the ‘My location’ button to help the PECO outage map use your location data from your device to determine whether there is a power outage in your area or not.

How to report power outages – PECO.

If you have been following this blog for a while, you will realize that reporting power outages is one of the very first things to do as I listed in the “10 Best Things To Do During Power Outages In Pennsylvania“.

  • To report the PECO power outages, simply follow the procedure above to open the PECO outage map and confirm the outage you are about to report has not been reported yet.
  • After that, simply click on the “Report Outage” link above the map. You will land on a page similar to the one in the screenshot below.
PECO outage map - how to report outage
  • Enter your primary phone number and click on the continue button to report the outage.

You can also call the PECO Energy phone number 1-800-841-4141 to report an outage.

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