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How I Quit My Job And Moved To The Dot Com Lifestyle

Hello and welcome to my blog, as you are about to read a piece that could be a life-changer for you. I mean living the Dot Com Lifestyle. Before I even start, let me brief you a little about this fabulous lifestyle. The “Dot Com Lifestyle” is not about luxurious mansions, trappings of celebs-style wealth, [...]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Nursing Your Holiday Spending Hangover

Santa is gone, the decorations are down, and chances are, you’re feeling the sting of your holiday spending. If it crept up on you, your budget is strained, and now you’re worried about your finances, you’ll want to come up with a plan to recover. Step 1: Assess The Damage Before anything else, you want [...]

7 Easy Steps to Recover Data from a Corrupt SD Card

Your data usually becomes inaccessible when your SD card, commonly used in smartphones to store videos,Musics, pictures  other documents gets damaged or corrupt. Despite trying many times, it will neither open files on your desktop nor on laptops. So, hundreds of valuable pictures, your collection of favorite movies and songs, and dozens of documents are [...]

Facebook changes its ‘Real Name’ policy after public furore

Facebook Will Soon Allow You to Use Your Alias You Need To Explain Why You Dont Want Your Real Name On Facebook In one of the major turnarounds, Facebook is letting go its ‘Real Name’ policy, with a few conditions. Facebook on Friday, confirmed that it is modifying the terms of its heavily criticised “real [...]

Which One Worth to be the best: Windows or Macintosh?

It’s no surprise that there is a never-ending argument as to whether Windows PC is better than Macintosh and vice versa . Anyone you’ve gotten used to will always seem the most familiar,and therefore easier to use,Because Windows users claim that Macs aren’t suitable computers because they’re not practical and Mac users claim that PCs [...]

Affiliate Marketing Vs. AdSense: Which is More Profitable?

This modern Blogosphere offers a lot of opportunities out there to earn money.But Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing are the most popular and profitable.So that brings us to an important question: Which one is profitable – Affiliate-Marketing or Google Adsense ? For those newbies who haven’t heard about Google Adsense or Affiliate marketing,this is a brief description [...]

How To Save Battery On Android Devices

Android is one of the most popular smartphone OS out there, and if you are reading this, I’m sure you are one of the proud owner of an Android powered Smartphone. Android is a complete smartphone OS in almost every sense, be it the availability of free quality apps on Google Play or friendly user interface or [...]

How I got Google AdSense Account with a Month Old Domain

Every newbie bloggers have a dream to get Google AdSensee approved as quickly as possible but most time it doesn’t get approved. I got AdSense approval in only 32 days and in one try. I have registered my domain on 08 April  and setup my website on April 12 with WordPress and I got approval today i.e. 14 May. Here I [...]

11 Facebook Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind!

Are you a Facebook geek and spend most of your time there? Then today I am going to share 11 Facebook tricks/tips that you can apply to enhance your Facebook experience. Additionally, there are many tweaks/tricks of Facebook, which are not open to many, yet it exist. Here you will learn those little unknown Facebook [...]

10 Greatest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Whatsapp has become most prominent messaging service app which lets you send text messages to your friend and now voice calling feature has been also added. It is providing the best ever user interface to its users which is the prime reason of their enormous success. Since, it is the part of Facebook now and [...]