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Best Way To Download And Understand The Sample Bill For Ohio Edison

The sample bill for Ohio Edison is a version of the Ohio Edison bill that is used to teach customers how to read their bills. You can download this for free after reading this article.

This article might seem a little too short but trust me. It is information packed. If what you want to know is all about the sample bill for Ohio Edison, then you do not have to worry about anything else.

Earlier, I wrote about how to check the Ohio Edison outage report so it is equally right to help you download the sample bill for Ohio Edison and also learn how to read your bill.

Use the table of content below to check the overview of the topics treated on this page. You can also click on any of the topics to jump to the particular article.

How to download the sample bill for Ohio Edison

Most people are unaware of how important the sample bill for Ohio Edison is. Reading your bill is very important that is why you have a sample bill to help you read your bill the proper way.

The sample bill for Ohio Edison gives you the opportunity to know what your bill should look like even if you have never received your first Ohio Edison bill yet.

You can download the sample bill by visiting the Ohio Edison sample bill page. The bill is in gif image format.

Simply click right-click on the image and select “Save Image As” from the context menu. There are two images on the page so you have to scroll down and repeat the process to download the full sample bill.

How to read your Ohio Edison bill

Reading your Ohio Edison bill is very important. That is the only way you will get to know why you are being charged and how much you are paying.

The sample bill for Ohio Edison was designed to help you read your bill and also know where to get any information that the company wants you to know. In this article, I will help you to learn how to read your bill using the sample bill for Ohio Edison.

Sample bill page 1

Sample bill for Ohio Edison first page
Sample bill for Ohio Edison first page

Whether you are getting an electronic bill or a paper bill, the first page of your bill should look like the one in the image above and the second page should look like the one in the image below.

Each of the labels in the image above passes specific information and I will be explaining all of that below.

  • A = Billing Period: This shows the period for which the bill was printed or sent.
  • B = Customer Info: This includes the customer’s name and address to which the customer was billed.
  • C = Account Info: The customer’s account number, amount due and the due date of the current bill will all be available here.
  • D = Messages: Ohio Edison leaves a message that will help you better understand your bill or save more on utilities in the future.
  • E = Price to compare: This helps you as a customer to get the price per kWh to compare with other suppliers.
  • F = Account Summary: You get to see your entire account summary including previous payments, balance, and charges.
  • G = Usage information: You will get to know whether your reading was based on actual reading or estimation.
  • H = Charges: You will see all the charges that you must pay here.
  • I = Alternate supplier charges: If you chose an alternate supplier, the supplier’s charges will be recorded here.
  • J = Detailed payment and adjustment information: You will see detailed payments and adjustment information here.
  • K = Usage history: This gives you a better view of your usage history over a year period. You also get to see the graph representation of the usage history to show when in the year you use the most energy and when you use less.
  • L = Payment stub: There is a detachable payment stub that you can enclose with cash in your return mail especially if you want to use the Pay by Mail FirstEnergy’s bill pay option.

Sample bill page 2

Sample bill for Ohio Edison second page
Sample bill for Ohio Edison second page
  • M = Explanation of terms: You will find an explanation of all the terms used on your bill in this section. This should help you understand all the strange terms on your bill.
  • N = Important information: This part of the bill shows very important information about the company including the company’s contact details and addresses.
  • O = Meter reading information: This provides boxes that allows you to record your meter readings on your bill.

You should be able to understand your bill after reading this article. You can also call Ohio Edison on tel: 1 888 544 4877

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