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Ohio Edison Electricity Company | Best Info You Must Know About Your Utility

Ohio Edison electricity company has been one of the largest utility distributors in Ohio. This company is one of FirstEnergy Corporation’s ten subsidiaries.

Suppose you landed on this page in search of information concerning Ohio Edison electricity company which also happens to be a FirstEnergy Corporation subsidiary. In that case, you are on the right page.

Earlier, I elaborated on FirstEnergy Corporation as a whole company. In this short but information-packed article, I will be telling you some amazing facts you must know about the Ohio Edison

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Ohio Edison electricity company

Ohio Edison electricity company is the FirstEnergy subsidiary based in Ohio. The company serves approximately 1 million customers within Ohio state. This company with other FirstEnergy subsidiaries including Toledo Edison, and the Illuminating Company is serving the majority of electricity users in Ohio state.

Ohio Edison covers the northeast and north central Ohio, providing over a million customers with an uninterrupted power supply.

You can locate the company’s office at 1910 W Market St, Akron, OH 44313, United States. This is also the headquarters of the entire FirstEnergy Corporation.

How to start service with Ohio Edison

Starting service with Ohio Edison electricity company is very easy. There are two simple ways you can request new service from Ohio Edison.

You can request service by filling out a simple form on the FirstEnergy website and you can request service by calling the Ohio Edison phone number.

If you want to request a service, you must prepare certain documents before you start the request process. You must have the following ready:

  • New service address
  • Security Payment
  • The date you want the service to start
  • contact details.

You should also make sure you are within the Ohio Edison service zone else you will not be able to get a service started.

If you have all these available, you can simply follow through with the process as I outlined in my previous article: How To Start Service With FirstEnergy. If you follow the process correctly, you should get your service started within three business days.

To request new service by phone, you must call Ohio Edison electricity company at 1-888-544-4877. Make sure you have your requirements ready before placing the phone call.

How to pay Ohio Edison bills

After starting service with the Ohio Edison electricity company, you might probably be wondering about the available payment methods.

There are many ways you can pay Ohio Edison bills. I will tell you some of the ways you can make your payments without any stress. Most online payment methods give you the option to make payments from the comfort of your home on autopilot.

There are five different ways you can pay Ohio Edison bills. These include

1. Bank draft:
This gives you a simple option to create an electronic bank draft for your Ohio Edison electricity company bill payment. You can either pay with your FirstEnergy account or simply make payment as a guest.

2. Credit card payment.
Thanks to KUBRA, a third-party company contracted by FirstEnergy corporation, customers are able to make payments using credit or debit cards. You can also save the card details for automatic payments as soon as your bill is due.

3. Direct Debit Payment
This is also another third party contracted by FirstEnergy Corporation to collect bill payments. There is an easy setup process available for customers to make automatic payments when their bill is due. The company responsible for this kind of payment method is known as Direct Debit Payment.

4. Pay in person
This payment method is very simple. FirstEnergy Corporation works with many agents across the states to help collect the bills. You can simply pay by visiting any of these agents to make your payment.

5. Pay by mail
FirstEnergy Corporation usually adds a return envelope to your paper bills. This is the reason why you have that. You simply have to add the return bill stub that comes with your bill to your cash, enclose it in the envelope, and mail it back to FirstEnergy Corporation. That is it. You have just paid your bill.

Read my previous article about Utilizing The Easiest FirstEnergy Corp Bill Pay Methods to learn more about the FirstEnergy payment methods.

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