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How to Earn $100 Every Month from ClickBank


Not a single day passes by that I received emails from one person to another seeking for employment or how to make money online due to growing rate of unemployment. It is undisputable fact that 80% of these people are graduates since our institutions do not teach sel-job and wealth creation.In this post, we discuss the marketing affiliate that pays high commission for promoting their link as high as $60 and trick to earn high commision.You don’t need a website or blog or technical know-how to promote it.
The marketing affiliates is  “ClickBank” is a privately held online marketplace for digital information products. It aims to serve as a connection between digital content creators (also known as vendors) and affiliate marketers, who then promote them to consumers. After you’ve gone through these sneaky tricks you may earn at least $100 every month.

==>Visit  Clickbank to sign up
==> Search for hot demanding product ( health tips- weight loss)
==> Sign up for the affiliates and copy the link

How Do I Promote Clickbank link

==> Get domain name from  as low as $3.55/year. Make sure your domain name is similar to the affiliate you want to promote

==> Login your account
==> Click on manage in front of www domain
==> Select the name you want to use if you multiply domain name
==> Place the cursor on forward at the top of your domain name and click on forward
==> Enter the URL of the link you want to promote
==> Choose forward with masking in forwarding setting
==> Fill all empty spaces with very appealing words
==> Click on save

==>Visit google trending and find out number of people (country) who search for your affiliate link.
==> Go to and search for images that suit your affiliate link

==> Login
==> Click on Ad manager/create ad
==> Choose send people to my website
==> Enter the URL of your site
==> Click on continue
==> In location, choose the countries that have high traffic when you search on google strending  above
==> Choose age between 18+-65
==> Choose English-speaking countries
==> Type the key words of your affiliate link (weight loss)
==> In the budget, select life time budget. Then change the corresponding amount to suit your pocket.  You can set your budget in such a way that you are  charge 1 cent per click
==> Set up date to start and end.
==>Insert  the image you copied from google
==> Choose attractive words to fill headline and text
==> Choose learn more or download
==> Click on place order
==>Enter your credit card details

If these tricks are cumbersome/ difficult to understand OR you don’t have credit card contact me  and I will create one for you. YOU MAY EARN AT LEAST $100 PER MONTH- You don’t need anybody to employ you, please employ yourself  ooo…


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