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Which One Worth to be the best: Windows or Macintosh?

win or mac

It’s no surprise that there is a never-ending argument as to whether Windows PC is better than Macintosh and vice versa .

Anyone you’ve gotten used to will always seem the most familiar,and therefore easier to use,Because Windows users claim that Macs aren’t suitable computers because they’re not practical and Mac users claim that PCs are insufficient and slow.This rivalry is one of the most talked in the technological history.


When it comes to popularity,statistics show that PCs make up over 91 percent of all computers in use and dominate the business world while the Apple Mac OS has around 5 percent of the market share.The other 4 percent is owned by other operating systems such as Linux. Since PCs prevails, there is a larger demand for PC programs, peripherals and hardware than for Macs and other operating systems.

When something goes wrong..

Microsoft only makes the software.Toshiba,Dell, or HP are some of the other dozens manufacturers who provide the hardware in making the Windows PC.Then you have third-party drivers and whatever else for all the peripherals.When you have a problem,you might have to make contact to the computer manufacturer who will likely say it’s a problem with the operating system. Then they call Microsoft only to hear it’s problem with the computer hardware.everyone points a finger at everyone else,that is sometimes frustration.With Mac, both the computer and the operating system are made by the same company,Apple.the issue is Apple’s,you just need to go to the Apple Store and get tech support,they’ll get everything sorted out.


This is one thing to consider when you want to make a switch from PC to Mac. Macs are way expensive compared to PC,because it’s only made by Apple,Which mean they have no competition.But as for PCs,there are million of companies out there who always compete for business.This is one of the main reason why PCs are inexpensive.


PCs have dozens of software available compared to Mac.The window PC is a world consisting feast and free downloads and shareware.Mac also have a quite numbers of software,but they are mostly ports of software originally developed for Windows.

For example, the most popular productivity suite for Mac? Microsoft Office. It’s good, but it’s never quite up to standard with the current Windows version as anticipated .Also On the Mac,you have to change the settings to install anything that isn’t approved by Apple itself. It means the software all works well, but the choice is limited.


While not impervious to viruses, browsing the web is considered safer on a Mac, because there are fewer hackers creating viruses for OSX than for PCs. PC users are still daunted with enormous viruses, spyware and malware.

Things are admittedly changing though, with internet based attacks on the rise, and hackers become increasingly sophisticated in their approaches. For the time being the Mac is still the safest platform.

My Verdict

Microsoft is for geeks, Apple is for people who just want to get things done.

Windows are used to handle the back-end, server-infrastructured programs or systems.They are used by “geeks”to dig into the machinery and tinker with all the settings and understand all the acronyms. Those kind of people like Windows on the user end as well because they understand all the crazy intricacies and complications of the computer system. Apple isn’t nearly as big in the IT world,but it’s have a nice front end-user interface which doesn’t requires you to be a geek to get things done.

Go for a Mac if you love style, aren’t a serious gamer, and value a controlled experience over freedom of choice.For variety, value and the option to customize. Basically, get a Windows PC.

Which one do you think is the best:Windows or Mac? share your thought in the comment below:

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