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3 Major Ways to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

Do you really want to learn how to skyrocket your blog traffic over 100%?
Well, I have got you covered in this article, as I have spared no effort in sharing the three (3) major ways your blog can improve its website traffic and in the process make you money.
But just before I go sharing these ways, I will tell you some of the reasons why you should be serious and yes, really intensify your efforts on pulling traffic to your blog.
I should think you know that traffic is the lifeblood of every successful blog and that without it you stand a BIG CHANCE of getting really frustrated and hence, quit the business of blogging that might someday make you a world celebrated millionaire-blogger.
So why do you need TRAFFIC?

  • You need traffic to stay in business. Ever heard of the phrase ‘You need customers to stay in business? The same is true for blogging; you need HUGE traffic to succeed in the business of blogging.
  • You need traffic to grow your reach and influence
  • You need traffic to experience and live the INTERNET-LIFESTYLE.

There are many more reasons why you should be worried about getting traffic to your blog. I have listed a few important ones.
Why do you want to skyrocket your blog traffic?
Might want to share it with me in the comment session (I am however sure that the three major traffic source I mentioned below will be hugely helpful to you grow your blog’s traffic).
Are you still with me?
Let’s dive into the business of the day!
3 Major Ways to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

#1. Embrace Guest Blogging
If you were to improve and skyrocket your blog traffic you might want to learn to embrace guest blogging as it is one major way of achieving some of the results you hope to achieve.
If like me, you are a voracious consumer of block of texts, you should have come across some topics on ‘Skyrocketing your blog traffic’ of which the major points are most times ‘guest blogging’, ‘syndicating your site’, ‘blog commenting’ and the likes.
Well, that’s because these ways are the coolest ways to improve website traffic and it will make huge brain to tap into them as they are a good place to start from.
Back in the days when I started blogging for business, I decided to launch my net into the oceans of guest blogging and you can almost guess the results, they were quite amazing and humongous in that I was able to improve my reach and influence in the online space and such was able to make money online.
See, with guest blogging you can never go wrong.
Oh wait…
You don’t have a full grasp of this phenomenon called ‘guest blogging’.
Well, I will in the next following lines, try to espouse to you the whole idea of guest blogging and how best to do it to get the results that you seek – traffic!
How it works…
Guest blogging is simply writing a piece and submitting to another blog editor to publish on their blog. For instance, I wanted to reach a new audience other than the ones I currently have from my blog and the other blogs I have written for.
So I contacted, Gustav and asked if there was an opportunity to write for his blog. That’s it. That’s why you are reading this piece written by me but now published on Gustav’s blog.
Do you get my drift?
Let’s hope you do.
Usually, I will be allowed to link to one or two of my blog posts – and would be allowed to add my byline, where I can further showcase and promote my brand and link to a resource from my blog, my product (eBook) maybe.
This will however be effective if you are about sharing value and not just writing another lame and regurgitated blog post that adds little to no value.
As I have always said, the secret to guest blogging is in writing and delivering a well-thought-out piece. Without this, trust me you don’t stand a chance of skyrocketing your blog traffic via this means of website traffic.
Now to further reinforce my point on guest blogging and why it is important, I will point you to my friend, Bamidele Onibalusi’s powerful post on the 10 Major Benefits of Guest Blogging. I’m very sure it would worth your while.
#2. Take Blog Commenting Seriously
Another powerful method of driving traffic, maybe huge website traffic is to simply start visiting other great blogs in the areas of your influence and start dropping great and valuable comments on them.
In the summer of 2013, I discovered for the very first time this great strategy of driving traffic and I deployed it so well that it drove much of the traffic my blog amassed and that is still getting today, which has in no doubt contributed to the success I have now enjoyed as an online entrepreneur – I mean the mentions, the interviews, the hires and sales and much of everything has been the results of religiously doing blog commenting.
This strategy seemed easy but in literal sense, it’s not. In fact, it’s pretty hard, perhaps harder than guest blogging and the last technique I will here mention.
Do you know why?
It requires attention, retention, and genuine contribution skills.
I will explain.
By attention, I simply mean that you will have to keenly and scrupulously read the blogs in the same niche as you. By retention, you will be sure that you understand and remember the points made by the blog editor. And by genuine contribution, you will need to get past the ‘nice comment’ trap and really share your hearts out by laying down your lovely and wonderful thoughts.
See that?
When you religiously practice the techniques I shared above, you would have succeeded in pulling the much needed traffic you and your blog needs to become successful.
Like to know more about blog commenting and its importance? Let this lovely post by Sonia Jackson guide you.
#3. Optimize your content for search engine
Well, you would agree with me that it is a waste of time to write a 2k words article, hit publish the post via your blogging platform and yet it can’t be found on Google, let alone drive traffic to your site. I must conclude that it indeed is a sheer waste of time and resources!
Let me guess…
You’ve read loads of articles telling you the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to the success of your blog.
Trust me those blog editors are very correct with their claims; you can’t achieve much online success if your blog and it content cannot be found on the pages of Google, especially the first page.
Gone are those days when I was not a fan of SEO. I have come to realize my mistakes and I have now make amendments and that’s why I have decided to quickly gear you on towards cause – towards doing the right things that is sure to bring about the results you seek – traffic.
Not so?
Let me show you the basic rules of this strategy.
Research a topic using Google Keyword Planner

  •  Develop contents around this low competitive keyword
  • Make use of Yoast SEO and SEO Squirrly plugins, respectively. They work magic!
  • Publish your SEO Optimized content and you are good to go with loads of traffic juices.

The bulleted points are all elements of On-page SEO and the Guest Blogging and Blog Commenting strategies are examples of Off-page SEO.
#Bonus Point: Don’t be afraid to be Social!
Social networking sites are other cool ways in which you can drive and skyrocket your blog traffic over 100%.
This is the reason why we’ve got different social sharing plugins (Monarch and Social Warfare) out there as they help for spreading the words about our content.
A fortnight ago, I read a really powerful post on Oleg’s great blog: 44 Impressive Ways You Can Use Social Media to Grow Your Business Overnight. You should seriously tap into the energy and influence of these social networking sites and really get a chance of growing your business and truly make money online.
Conclusively, using these 3+ techniques will surely help to boost and skyrocket your blog traffic if and only if you religiously practice it.
Please do let me know what other ways you are deploying to get website traffic. Thank you!

About Author: Sam Adeyinka is a seasoned blogger, a passionate podcaster, a creative writer and a digital marketing strategist who loves teaching young minds how to start, launch, and grow a successful online business. You can download his 0.99cents handbook on Amazon titled “101 Common Blogging Mistakes: And Smart Fixes.”

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