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Quick Tricks To Double Your Traffic From Social Media In Minutes


It’s easy to build a blog, but hard to build a successful blog with significant traffic. Over the past few months, I have seen my blog increase in traffic than i thought, when i started observing things on the social media trend. There’s an art to increasing a blog’s traffic, and given that we seem to have stumbled on some of that knowledge, I felt it compulsory to give back by sharing what we’ve observed.
NOTE:This something i have observe and done, which are helping my blog very well, It may seem similar to someone post but everything written below is my personal experience.

Use Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Blogger forums,Instagram, whatsapp and Google+ to Share Your Posts & Find New Connections

 Tips on how to use each of these social media to draw traffic

Twitter has 320 million active users every month and more than 100 million active users daily.
So this is how i use twitter to draw traffic to my blog. Try and make as many friends on twitter, you can follow the person by tweeting “i follow, you follow back, you unfollow i also unfollow” or anything that will get you followers. Everybody on twitter need followers that’s why you need to follow many and let the many also follow you.

Limit the famous people you follow because when you tweet them they normally do not re tweet, limit them and follow normal people. Now when you are done just copy your blog post link and share it with friends.

NB: With a very eye-catching heading different from your original heading but must be a little similar, AGAIN the most important thing i do alot which draws about 25% of traffic to my blog is to check your twitter feed and see which activities are trending seriously like names, a campaign, songs etc , copy the link  of your post, add an eye-catching headline and HASH TAG all the trending topics to your link and post them. Trust me within hours you will see some views on your blog. NB do these frequently like every 3 to 4 hours on TWITTER and you will see the results yourself.

Facebook has over 1.44 billion active users. The largest social media network in the world, and in fact can really draw huge traffic to your blog. Facebook hash tag and topic trend option doesn’t work well unlike twitter, so this is what is do. Create a public group with a very influential name or topic am not saying create #p0rn groups….lol… or bad groups just something nice that you think every body will be happy to join. Names like Africa secrets, how to propose to a girls etc you know what i mean something attractive and now add and invite friends. A great group is likely to hit 1k-2k in just one month trust me. Done with the group copy and paste your post links into them and share with your friends. Again join as many free and active public groups on Facebook i mean alot just join. In joining a group on Facebook do check whether it an open one or closed, Because you can’t post straight into  some of  those closed groups, you have to wait for ADMIN permission, That is why I will advice you not to join such groups. Also anytime you post on Facebook TAG as many friends and groups you can, because your post will show on their timeline.

For instagram you can follow the twitter style but the link posting should be done when you are commenting on famous people post. just include your link anytime you are commenting on something little by little 10-100 people may mistakenly click on your link.

Very great medium with regards to videos. This is what i do. when am uploading a video unto YouTube, I add my blog links to the videos and also in the description space I write something like this “If you want to watch more videos visit this page”.  You can also insert your videos into your blog post too. One best thing about YouTube is that when you reach 1k views automatically videos will be promoted.

Use Facebook style join many groups you can copy and paste your post links into them.

This is where most of suggestion about your blog comes in. Be an active participant include yourself in most discussions.when ever you make a point or suggestions on the forum page always add your blog URL

*Blog post with videos and pictures attract more readers.
*Your post headings should always be attractive. It should say something that when everybody sees, they will be attracted to go and read.
*Be creative even if you copy someone article, modify it and give credits to that source.
*Anytime you dealing with pictures or videos do insert your blog name in it. It a way of being recognised by other bloggers.
*Always tell your readers to subscribe to your blog so they can be the first to read your post when you post them

Feel free to share to your blogs just give me credits acknowledge me please include my blog link thanks.

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