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7 Secrets Why Some Contents Goes Viral, And Get Millions Of Shares

One thing that excites every blogger is when their contents explode to go viral, yet it is a real constraint and challenge to actually accomplish it. Before i delve into it, let me tell you what a viral content is, if you are a newbie or don’t know much about it. A viral blog post [...]

How I Quit My Job And Moved To The Dot Com Lifestyle

Hello and welcome to my blog, as you are about to read a piece that could be a life-changer for you. I mean living the Dot Com Lifestyle. Before I even start, let me brief you a little about this fabulous lifestyle. The “Dot Com Lifestyle” is not about luxurious mansions, trappings of celebs-style wealth, [...]

Affiliate Marketing Vs. AdSense: Which is More Profitable?

This modern Blogosphere offers a lot of opportunities out there to earn money.But Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing are the most popular and profitable.So that brings us to an important question: Which one is profitable – Affiliate-Marketing or Google Adsense ? For those newbies who haven’t heard about Google Adsense or Affiliate marketing,this is a brief description [...]

How I got Google AdSense Account with a Month Old Domain

Every newbie bloggers have a dream to get Google AdSensee approved as quickly as possible but most time it doesn’t get approved. I got AdSense approval in only 32 days and in one try. I have registered my domain on 08 April  and setup my website on April 12 with WordPress and I got approval today i.e. 14 May. Here I [...]