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Affiliate Marketing Vs. AdSense: Which is More Profitable?


This modern Blogosphere offers a lot of opportunities out there to earn money.But Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing are the most popular and profitable.So that brings us to an important question: Which one is profitable – Affiliate-Marketing or Google Adsense ?

For those newbies who haven’t heard about Google Adsense or Affiliate marketing,this is a brief description about this two ad platform:

Google AdSense is the biggest and popular advertisement program online. You basically lease out ad spaces on your site to Google and Google further allocates them to the advertisers in its network. It follows a PPC(pay-per-click) model, a publisher gets paid each time its visitor clicks on an advertisement and lands on the advertiser’s page.

Affiliate marketing is one major way of earning money from your site.As a publisher, you promote products and services own by someone else and refer your audience to their sites. You get a commission each time a directed visitor makes a purchase.

Now let get back and figure out the pros and cons for each of these quite different ways of monetizing a blog or website or blog.Let’s explore each one and then find out which online business is better option:

Adsense operates based on total clicks(PPC).You get paid when a visitor clicks on an advertisement showcased on your website.The rate depends on the bid rate of the ad sponsor.

Affiliate operates based on commission or cost per click mode, each time a directed visitor makes a purchase you get your commission.


On Adsense,you cannot choose the product to sell or promote.Google automatically detects what product is best shown on your site. It depends on the type of activities you do in your website.

While on Affiliate, you can choose what product or what marketing company you want to be affiliated. To gain more success, you choose the one you know you can be best in terms of marketing or promotion.


Adsense pays via cheque, Electronics funds transfer and western union.PayPal is not accepted and not a mode of payment.

Affiliate marketing can pay you via cheque,paypal, moneybookers, bank, wire transfer, and many more options. Affiliate marketing companies made it a point to have wider option so more people from different countries can be an affiliate and won’t worry on how they will be paid.

  • You can find affiliate products for all the niche, but Adsense is not allowed on the certain niche.
  • It’s easier to get into Affiliate network than Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing pays higher than Adsense
  • Most of the affiliate companies offer PayPal as payment method, whereas AdSense doesn’t.
  • Adsense gives recurring money where as Affiliate pays at one shot.
  • Adsense is managed by Google alone whereas there are many small and large Affiliate companies.
  • Adsense does well on an entertainment blog whiles Affiliate marketing all do well on a  tech or niche blog.Affiliate ads are more attractive whereas we don’t have control over Adsense.

It’s quiet obvious from above points that Affiliate marketing is more lucrative and beneficial than Adsense, but before you draw your own conclusion,Let me emphasize on this:

Affiliate marketing works on certain pages,which mean not all the pages of your blog will be making money for you. Whereas, Adsense works for those pages that doesn’t work for affiliate marketing products. Adsense is backbone for any blogger when it comes to make money online,because it works on auto-pilot,which is great as compared to a single affiliate sale.

If you are like me,who always want a little bit of anything,then you can rely on both, I will suggest making a combination of both of it in a right way. So that you don’t turn out to be an affiliate market blogger, and with useful content you will end up making some handsome amount of cash by the end of the month with Adsense too.

Which one really work for you? Adsense ads, affiliate banners or both?Let me know in the comment box below.

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