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How to Create a Verified PayPal Account In Ghana And Cash Out Directly To Your Bank Account

How to Create a Verified PayPal Account Using UBA Africard And Cash Out With MTN Mobile Money

Gone are the days when creating and withdrawing cash from PayPal account in Ghana seems difficult for some of us. I can assure you, that wait is finally over.

Pa­yPal is the world largest online payme­nts compa­ny, You can’t do without it if you want to receive money online from top companies around the world or make a payment on those big eCommerce sites like Ali express,eBay or Amazon.

PayPa­l accou­nt is not avail­able to all count­ries. In Afric­a, count­ries like Ghana, Egypt and Niger­ia are victi­ms of PayPa­l’s list of restr­icted count­ries. Even thoug­h PayPa­l has enter­ed Niger­ia recen­tly, accou­nt holde­rs can only send money but can not recei­ve money­. Meanw­hile, there is still a compl­ete restr­ictio­n on havin­g PayPa­l Accou­nt in Ghana­.

So I decided to do research which can help online marketers create PayPal account with ease in Ghana. During the research, I came to realize there are few countries eligible to receive payment and also using IP changers to create a USA PayPal account or any country can lead to limitation of your account. Most of those IP changes/VPN delay some seconds before changing to the designated IP’s.

I created my PayPal account some years back and am still using it without any problem. The main worry was how I can conveniently cash out my funds from PayPal. Because of that, I have been using my funds to buy stuff online even if the products are not on my “A” list.

For a couple of months, I have been researching the possible and simplest ways of cashing out my funds, Thankfully, I have stumbled upon sneaky ways of withdrawing money from PayPal account. With this method, I was able to withdraw my money from PayPal account into my local Bank Account.

D­o you want to have a PayPa­l Accou­nt in Ghana, send and recei­ve payme­nts from top International companies like Googl­e, Content ad, eBay, Amazo­n, and other big compa­nies in the world­? Don’t worry about the fact that PayPa­l has place­d limit­s on Ghana­. I will create new PayPa­l accou­nt in your own name, Ghanaian Address, phones number and use it in Ghana without any problem. and still maintain your Ghana IP, NO VPN Needed to Access it

I  will:

1. Create a legitimate PayPal Account without changing IP.

2. Verify it with UBA Africard, Uni Bank Prepaid or Mastercard, GT Bank or Fidelity Bank cards.

3. Protect your PayPal Account, so it can’t be limited.

4. Show you how to fund your PayPal Account

5. Show u how to Cash out to your local Bank Account through the card link to the Paypal Account.

Note: You can only make withdrawals with UBA prepaid card which they call  AfRICARD or First Atlantic Prepaid card, The rest which is GT Bank Card, Ecobank Cards, etc can only be used to make purchases with Paypal.

I charge ¢150

What are you waiting for…Just contact me through any of the platforms below

My contact details:

Phone: +233 54 901 5308

Whatsapp: +233 54 901 5308

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