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Top 10 “Must Do’s” Before You Hit 35years

top10 must do's

As the year comes to an end, the new year provides a new opportunity to get a lot of things right. Here are 10 things i suggest you do before you hit 35 years.

#1.Saving: Saving money is one of the most difficult things to do. It might be easy for a few but a lot of people find it difficult to save. Saving isn’t only for people with formal jobs, even those without jobs should learn how to keep money in the bank and leave it there.

#2.Date the right person: Most people date for the wrong reasons. It is entirely true that no one person is perfect but it is essential that you date someone who sees you for who you really are and also brings out the best in you.

#3.Stay alone: Most people Cling to the idea of living with their family or having roommates. No matter what your reasons are, even if it is financial, you should get your own place and stop having roommates. Imagine being in a tight situation and you wouldn’t want to share its gory details with anyone. A glass of water and some peace and quiet would do you a lot of good, but with your roommate trying to bring down the roof because he is in a party mood, what are the chances that you won’t lose your cool?

#4.Goals: Believe it or not, at a certain age, you don’t just make friends. Whoever you meet becomes an ally, partner (in whatever activity that makes you bond), even colleagues. But one thing is most important. Surround yourself with people who can take you one step ahead.

#5.Your body: If we care to admit, Most of us are not content with the nature of our body. While some are trying to gain weight, others are battling to lose with. Wherever you stand on this matter, try to attain your desired figure and maintain it. Although it is not a piece of cake to achieve, if you manage to do that, the satisfaction it brings is worth it.

#6.Debt: It is essentially important that you are debt free. If you have a job, I strongly suggest you develop a budget and try to stick with it. Spend wisely if you don’t, you should probably kiss saving goodbye.

#7.Learn to dress well not s’exy: Being sexy isn’t entirely wrong. Some people get their kick out of it. But dressing well gives you a sense of responsibility. Your mood can sway your s’exiness and may not always last but your responsibilities will always be there. By dressing well, you are not only responsible but also decide how to flash your s’exy side.

#8.Accept you are an adult: Most people accept 18 years as the benchmark. For me, once you hit puberty, you are there. Being young is one of the best things in life, but you will only realize this when you are old. Accept the fact that you now have responsibilities even if you choose not to, you probably have younger ones who look up to you and that fact you cannot deny. Although one may never outgrow childish pranks and activities, it is however important to be mindful after all, you are an adult start living as one.

#9.Investment: The earlier you invest, the better your chances of having a stable life. Investment in property is a sure way to go. Imagine what that property will be worth after a few years. A lot of people still invest in stock options, others create businesses. The bottom-line remains, find a way to insure your future.

#10.The future: In life, there will always be ups and down, but it is important that we accept the hands that we were dealt with and move on to greater things. Be it failed relationships, betrayals, disappointments etc. Let go of the past, and look forward to the future.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to add yours in the comment box below…..

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