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How To Re-direct Blogger To A Custom Domain


I have had a couple of emails from my readers on how to re_direct a blogger sub domain to a custom domain. Finally i have come out to do it live with screenshot for newbies or those finding it difficult to re-direct it.

In this tutorial, i tried to re-direct a blogger sub domain to  a custom domain,

It is quiet simple you don’t need any guru to get it done for you. I purchased my domain at, so anything in the tutorial is based on that, but still work on any platform.

Before you do this, you have to buy a domain name from any company who deals in that, but i recommend godaddy. This tutorial is intended for those who already bought the domain name and just want to redirect.

Step 1.First you need to login to your blogger account and select your blog, go to Settings tab.Under the publishing menu, your blog address would be there. Then click on Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog. Enter your domain name you just purchased,keeping in mind that it must begin with www in order to for it to work and click Save.


After saving, you will get an error meaning that you have not verified your authority to this domain, and a two Generated CNAMEs code, which need to be kept.The code should be like this:

  • www          
  • 7gl5po3iuhbr

Note: Each CNAME is composed of two parts – Name, Label or Host and Destination, Target or Points to. The first CNAME is the same for everyone, Name being “www” and Destination “” The second CNAME is particular to your blog and your Google Account, and is therefore different for each person.

Step 2. Now Login into your Godaddy account click on MyAccount>Visit my account>and click on domain


Step 3.Now you can see your Domain name, click on your Manage at the right side of your purchased domain name and click on DNS Zone file tab and then click Edit button to edit your DNS zone file. A new page will open where you can add DNS and A record setting.




Step 4.Now Go to CNAME(Alias) field and add codes generated by Blogger in first step


Again repeat the step for second CNAME(Alias) for the second Blogger codes.

Note: If by default you already have the  HOST “www” record in the CNAME (Alias), just edit it and add “” in the POINT TO filed.

Step 5.It’s now time to add A(Host) record. Go to A(Host) field and add the IP address used by Blogger in the manner i have added in my domain DNS zone file and keep default A record that is available by default in your zone file. Click Quick Add button and add “@” in Host filed and “IP address” in Points to Field and keep TTL 1 Hour. You can use the below IP(s);


Do the same to the remaining 3 IP address as in the manner i have done it in the screenshot above.
If you have inserted all the above IP’s then click on the Save DNS Zone button to save your settings.

Step 6.The next step is to forward your Domain (setup redirection). Go to setting in the top menu and scroll down to Forwarding. Now click on  Manage


and Add your domain name in the Forward to field, select 301(Permanent)in the redirect type field and keep Type forward only


Step 7.   You can now go to your blogger platform re-enter the purchased domain name and hopefully your address will soon redirect to your new custom domain. If it doesn’t work instantly wait about an hour for your DNS settings to activate.

If you face any issue,don’t forget to drop it in the comment box below.

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