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Duke Energy Billing And The Easiest Way To Read Your Bill

Duke Energy billing is calculated in kilowatt-hours and is paid monthly. There are so many things you must know about the bills and how easy you can pay them.

On this page, I will explain everything you need to know about your Duke Energy bill and how you can pay them easily. Below is a table of contents which is an overview of the topics I treated on this page. You can click on any of the topics to jump to that particular article.

Duke Energy billing – What is it?

Duke Energy billing simply means the company making you aware of how much you owe them. That is what it simply means.

Duke Energy billing system is strictly postpaid so you as the customer get to use the energy before you pay for the amount used. The energy you use is metered and the meter calculates your electricity use per kilowatt-hour. This calculation then translates to cash depending on the rate per kilowatt-hour.

Duke Energy always has the right to decrease or increase the rate based on certain factors. You can check the current at

Customers with solar systems get a different Duke Energy billing since they generate some of the energy themselves. How it works for them is that Duke Energy will measure the amount of kilowatt-hour generated from the solar system and the amount used from the grid. The difference is then billed to the customer.

It is such that, the more power your solar system generates, the less Duke Energy billing you get.

How to read your Duke Energy bill

Duke Energy billing comes in a paper or paperless form. These options are sole the customer’s choice to make. Whether paper or paperless, knowing how to read and understand the information it contains is very important.

Let me help you understand the information on your bill. I will do this using the paper bill but you can always find the same information on your online bills too.

The bill comes on 3 pages A4 size documents. Each section has specific information and I will explain in the headings below what each of the sections talks about.

Duke Energy billing page 1

duke energy billing page one

Above is a screenshot of a sample of the Duke Energy bill. This is only the first page. There are sections on the sheet and each section contains specific information.

  • Your Energy Bill
    This section has the account holder’s name and where service is provided. There is also the Duke Energy billing period and the date the bill was mailed. Below that, you also have the 12-digit account number that you must use if you want to make any payments.
  • Billing Summary
    This section shows the amount due from the previous bill first, followed by the transaction you made after that and when it was made. Then you have all other charges, including taxes, adjustments, and all fees applicable which sums up to your total amount due and when it is due. Note that the basic facility charge is a fixed charge added to your bill monthly. It is more of a service maintenance fee and does not have any link with your electricity usage.
  • Your usage snapshot
    This provides you with a graphical representation of your energy usage for a period of time usually a year. The graph shows your peak moments and low consumption moments. Below the graph, you have the average temperature outside each month and your usage for the current month and the same month the previous year. You also have your usage for 12 months and the average monthly usage.
  • Right side
    On the right side of the bill, you have an information section. This is where you get any message that Duke Energy wishes to pass to you as the customer.
  • Bottom
    If you want to mail your payments to Duke Energy, then you have to add this removable stub to the payment remittance envelope before you mail it. You will find your amount due and the due date here. There is also an interesting section that helps you to add donations to your bill. These donations are used to help other customers who can not afford their summer heating bills.

Duke Energy billing page 2

Above is a sample of the second page of your Duke Energy bill. There are only two basic pieces of information that this page pass.

  • Left side
    The left side has information on all Duke Energy customer services. Emergency numbers, convenient ways to pay your bill, if you want to update your account details, etc. You can get all contacts in this section of the paper.
  • Right side
    This section has very important bill-related information. You must always check this section to see all other Duke Energy billing information including your next meter reading date.

Duke Energy billing page 3

Check the Duke Energy billing sample third page above.

  • Your usage snapshot – continued
    This shows your current meter reading for the period covered. Your energy used is the difference between your actual and previous meter readings.
  • Right side
    This side explains the reading terms and what it means. It explains how the reading works on the meter.

Duke Energy billing FAQs

This is where I try to answer all questions related to Duke Energy billing. I will try to answer as many questions as I can. If you have a question that you can not find answers to on this page, simply leave the question in the comment box and I will answer as early as possible.

Can I see my Duke Energy bill online?

Yes! You can. You can log into your account or use the Duke Energy mobile app to check your bill. You can also request that a secure PDF file of your Duke Energy bill be sent to your preferred email address.

How do I dispute my Duke Energy bill?

Simply call Duke Energy via the available customer service contact mediums and raise your concerns. You can find all Duke Energy customer services contact mediums here.

How do I find my Duke Energy account number?

The Duke Energy billing account number is located at the top left corner of your monthly bill. It is a 12-digit number. You can also see your account number at the top-right corner of your bill on each of the pages.

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