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New Service Duke Energy Start Stop & Move Tips That Will Help You

New Service Duke Energy’s start-stop or move procedures are not as complicated as most of the similar services offered across the country. However, you must follow a certain procedure so you don’t make the same mistakes most new or existing customers make.

All information on this page is targeted at helping you to know and understand how the new service works with Duke Energy. The entire procedure is known as the “Duke Energy Start Stop & Move”.

All information you need on the topic is here on this page. There is a table of content below to help you in case you only need a piece of specific information on the topic. Simply click on the heading you want to read to jump to the particular article to read it.

New Service Duke Energy – What it means

Common utilities including electricity and natural gas are very important for every home. Duke Energy utility company is one of the major suppliers of utilities especially interrupted electricity power.

To be able to enjoy the company’s services, you must subscribe to the particular service through a certain procedure. Since you are not a customer of Duke Energy, this first-time installation is known as a New Service.

Duke Energy’s new service installation is not a one-day job because it has to go through so many phases. I will let you in on that in a bit.

Duke Energy Start Stop & Move – What it means

Duke Energy’s start stop & move is a combination of three different options depending on what the customer wants.

  • Start (New Service Duke Energy): The “Start” is an option for potential Duke Energy customers. If you are not using the company’s services yet, then this is the option you will have to go for. This will let you go through the new service installation procedures and eventually become a customer of the company. Existing customers can also use this option to request a new service at a different location or for a different purpose.
  • Stop: The “Stop” option is for existing customers who wish to cancel their service. There are many reasons why people will want to cancel their Duke Energy services. There is an option to cancel whenever you want.
  • Move (Duke Energy service transfer): The “Move” option is available for existing customers who wish to transfer their service from their current location to another location that also doubles as a Duke Energy Service area.

These three options are available for both existing and potential customers of Duke Energy.

How to start new service Duke Energy

The first option to becoming a Duke Energy customer is to start a new service. The procedure for starting a new service Duke Energy is very simple and I will be taking you through the entire procedure.

You can start the procedure from any Duke Energy office or you can easily start it online from the comfort of your home.

Under this heading, I will explain the online method of starting a new service Duke Energy for residential purposes.

What you need

Just like any other service, the new service Duke Energy has its own requirements that you must meet before you can start. Below are some of the major requirements as stated on the Duke Energy website.

  • First of all, you must check the Duke Energy service area map to make sure your current location is on the map. Duke Energy will request the address where you want the service. You must pay any arrears that you will have to pay for the particular address before requesting for new service installation.
  • You must provide a date when you want the new service to start at the location. You must make sure the date gives the engineers enough room to survey and install whichever device is needed for your service to work. With that in mind, your service can still start within 24 hours of request especially on week days. If only that is how fast you want it and you also have a meter installed already.
  • You will have to provide a form of identification. This includes your date of birth and Social Security Number. Note that your credit score will play a major role in getting new service Duke Energy so if there is any credit or security freeze on your Social Security Number, you must have it lifted else it will hinder your request.

The process

If your location is on the Duke Energy Service area map, then you can start the procedure from Duke Energy’s website.

  • Click on the “Start, Stop & Move” dropdown menu and select “Request Start or Stop Service
new service duke energy request service
  • From the three options, select “Start Service“.
  • Select the account type that best suits your demands. Select “Home” if you want a new service Duke Energy for residential purposes.
  • If you have everything that Duke Energy requires in place, then click on “Start Service”
  • I will always recommend you choose “No, continue as a guest.”. This makes the process faster.
new service duke energy
  • A form similar to the one in the screenshot below will appear. Fill it out with your correct details.
new service duke energy form

If every detail is fully confirmed, Duke Energy should finish starting up your new service at the given location within the scheduled time.

Apart from new customers, existing customers can also request new services when they need them.

New Service Duke Energy FAQs

You probably have questions concerning the topic. Do not worry at all, I will try my best to answer all your questions here. Even if you don’t see an answer to your question, simply leave the question in the comment box below and I will answer it as early as possible.

Do I have to pay a deposit for Duke Energy’s new service?

Duke Energy requests your Social Security Number as a new customer so they can confirm your credit history. If you don’t have a good credit history, then you have to pay a security deposit.
For existing customers, Duke Energy will look at your payment history. Bad payment history means you have to pay a security deposit or provide a guarantor.
If you can not make a security deposit, Duke Energy will assist with a payment arrangement to help you get your service started.

How long does Duke Energy take to start service?

Duke Energy gives the customer option to schedule when they want to start their service. On weekdays, Duke Energy can start service within 24 hours of the request.

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