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How To Start New Service With PECO in PA

Are you looking forward to starting service with PECO in PA? On this page, you will find everything that you must know before you start applying for your service.

You probably landed on this page in search of information concerning PECO. You are on the right page. I have outlined everything that you need to know about PECO. Especially if you are a new customer who wishes to get a new service installed from PECO.

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PECO Energy Company was formally known as Philadelphia Electric Company. PECO is if not the oldest utility provider in Pennsylvania, then probably one of the oldest currently.

The company serves approximately 1.6 million electricity customers and over 500,000 natural gas customers in Pennsylvania.

This particular company has been around since 1881 as the Philadelphia Electric Company.

PECO Coverage area map

PECO in PA does not have coverage in all the states. This means you can be in Pennsylvania but will not be able to get a service from PECO energy company. Below are the areas covered by the PECO in PA.

  • Philadelphia Division
  • Delaware County
  • Montgomery County
  • Bucks County
  • Chester County
  • York County /Delta

These counties are covered by PECO in PA. Philadelphia has full PECO coverage which means no matter where you are in Philadelphia, you can get service from PECO. The other counties might not be fully covered so there are certain places you can not get service from PECO. Download and check out the full PECO coverage map.

How to start service with PECO in PA

If you are moving to Pennsylvania or already in Pennsylvania, then you have the chance to have PECO Energy Company as your utility provider.

The process to start service with PECO is very simple. However, you must be within the company’s coverage zone to be able to get service.

New Service Requirements

These are things you must have ready before you start the request. If you are requesting residential service, different documents are required and different for commercial service requests as well. Below are the requirements when you are requesting for new service from PECO in PA.


  • The address where you want to start service (Must be within the PECO service area).
  • The date you would like the new service to begin
  • Your SSN or Federal EIN/Tax ID

For commercial service, you will have to meet all the requirements for residential service in addition to the requirements below.

  • Legal Name of Business (Must be registered)
  • Proof of occupancy (Lease, Settlement sheet, Deed, or Tax Form. Any of these is accepted. If you meet the Federal EIN verification requirement below, you will not need this.)
  • Federal EIN verification letter (147C) – If you have proof of occupancy, you do not need this.

These are the requirements you must meet before requesting a service from PECO in PA. Note that all these documents must bear the same name as the name of the person requesting the service.

PECO Energy Company’s new service request procedure

Follow the procedure below carefully to request a new service from PECO in PA.

  • First visit the PECO website: You should land on a page similar to the one in the image below.
PECO in PA - How to start a new service
  • Click on the “Moving” link on the navigation bar as indicated in the image above. After clicking the link, you should see a similar page to the one in the screenshot below.
PECO in PA - start new service
  • Click on “Start My Service” to select it as indicated in the image above.
  • Scroll down and click on “New Customer” as indicated in the image below and select the type of service you want to activate. Refer to the image below.
PECO in PA how to start your service
  • Select “Residential” or “Commercial” depending on which service you want to start. Refer to the image above.
  • Scroll down again after choosing which service you are requesting and click on the “Continue” button.

Finally, you should land on the page where you will have to fill out all the forms and do the necessary verifications.

After requesting for service, expect two to three working days for PECO Energy Company to work on your service.

If you face any challenges during the request process, do not hesitate to call PECO on

1-800-494-4000 for assistance.

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