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How Do I Make My PECO Bill Payment Online? | 3 Best Ways To Pay Your PECO Bill

If you ask yourself; “How do I make PECO bill payment online?”, you should know how to do that after reading this short but relevant post.

There are definitely many new or even old PECO Energy Company customers out there who do not know how to pay their bills online. This particular post is here to address that issue.

If you landed on this page in search of how to make your PECO bill payment online, then you are on the right page. Earlier, I wrote about How To Start Service With PECO In PA so it is just right to elaborate on how you can also pay your bill.

Use the table of content below to navigate your way around the content of the page. You can easily click on any of the subheadings to jump to that particular article.

PECO billing options

PECO Energy Company has different billing options available to make it easier for customers to select from multiple choices. These PECO billing options are set up in a way that the customer benefits greatly no matter the selected option.

Let us take a look at some of the billing options below.

Budget billing

This billing option helps customers to make PECO bill payments within their budget all the time.

Usually, customers pay for what they used the previous month hence making differences in each bill. With this particular billing option, the bill is spread over a 12 months period in such a way that the customer pays the same amount every month regardless of season or amount used the previous month.

This bill is calculated using your previous 12 months’ average usage data. If you are a new customer, then the 12-month average usage data of the last customer who lived at the same address will be used. If there was no last customer, then the average usage data in your area will be used as the markup for calculating your monthly bill.

Change your due date

This particular option allows customers to choose when they pay their bills. It is very convenient for customers especially, those who know exactly when they get paid within the month.

Note that this billing option is available to only residential customers and you can change your due date only twice every 12 months.


There are electronic bills available for customers. You receive a notification alert via email and you can read and print your bill if you want to.

This option is available for both residential and commercial users.

How to make PECO bill payment online

There are many different ways you can pay PECO bills. However, we will only look at how you can make your PECO bill payment online.

There are three different ways you can make your PECO bill payment online and we will be looking at all three and how to go about them.

Sign in and pay online

This particular option requires that you have a PECO account. You will also need a bank account or credit/debit card to help you make your PECO bill payment online.

  • If you have all that ready, simply visit the PECO payments page.
  • Click on sign in and pay online
  • Log into your account with your details to make your PECO bill payment online.

Pay as a guest online

The “pay as a guest online” is an online PECO payment option that does not require that you have an online account with PECO. It helps you to make payments without saving your details.

All you need is our phone number and your PECO account number which is always printed on your bill. Not forgetting to also make available a bank account, debit, or credit card available as your payment method.

  • Simply visit the PECO payments page
  • This time around, choose “Pay as a guest online”
  • Input the required details and press the continue button to make your payment.

Automatic payment

This is another way to make your PECO bill payment online. This particular method is regarded as one of the most convenient ways to pay your bill.

It works in such a way that you only have to set it up one time and that is it. The rest of the time, it will pay your bill automatically from your bank account. You do not have to worry about late payments anymore.

To set it up, visit the PECO auto payment link. You should land on a page similar to the one in the image below.

How Do I Make PECO Bill Payment Online

If you already have an account, click on “Sign In to Enrol in AutoPay”. If you do not have an account click on the “Register Now” link.

These are the 3 best ways you can make your PECO bill payment online.

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