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5 Things You Must Know Before Starting PECO Change Of Address Procedure

PECO change of address is the common term most people use when changing their registered PECO Energy Company address to a new address. If you seek information concerning changing your PECO address, then you are on the right page.

There are certain things you must know before changing your address. Here, I will elaborate on five important things you must know before changing your address.

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I promise to keep this article as short as possible but very informative as usual. You can always use the table of content below to jump to the particular topic you are most interested in reading.

5 Important things to consider before making a PECO change of address

As a customer, you can decide to change your address at any time. PECO Energy Company also knows this, which is why there is a system in place to help you change your address. Let us look at some of the very vital things you must consider before starting the PECO change of address procedure.

1. What does the PECO change of address mean?

Probably the PECO change of address might simply mean updating your existing address on PECO Energy Company’s servers to you. That is not how PECO takes it.
According to PECO, changing your address means you are moving out of your existing address to a completely new address and you want to move your PECO service with you.
This also means you will have to go through a layout procedure, to stop the service at your existing address and reactivate it at the new address. You should also make sure your new address is within the PECO service coverage area

2. Will anything change after changing your address?

Changing your PECO address will affect any other details on your account. The only thing that will change will probably be the address on your PECO Energy Company account.
Your usage history will not change as well. However, you are likely to experience changes in the cost of usage since you are moving to a completely new address.
Somehow, the area where you reside affects your energy consumption, especially when it comes to electric energy.
There are many reasons why it is like that and one of them includes the size of your new residence compared to the previous one.
If you are on PECO Budge Billing, there are instances when PECO Energy Company will have to use the average usage cost in your area to calculate your monthly bill.

3. Will I get a new account after the PECO change of address?

You will not get a new account. How the PECO change of address works is that you are PECO Energy Company is only moving your already existing account to a new address. With regards to that, nothing on your account will change apart from your address.
If your address changes on the PECO Energy Company’s systems, it means that you will also see your new address on your bills.

4. What do I need when changing my address?

Changing your PECO address means you have a new address and you are probably moving from your old address. The most important thing you need before you change your address is the new address you are moving to.
Apart from that, you must provide a form of identification which is either your Drivers License or SSN. One of these documents will be used to verify your Identity.
You can also simply log into your My PECO account to verify your identity.

5. How long will it take for service to start at my new address?

During the PECO change of address, you will be asked to specify the date you want service to be stopped at your existing address and when you want service to start at the new address.
The dates you specify will be the dates service will stop or start after your PECO change of address.
You should also note that PECO Energy Company might not process your request if it falls on Weekends or public holidays.

PECO change of address procedure

The PECO change of address procedure is as follows. First, you must make sure your new address is within the PECO service area map before you proceed with the address change.

  • Click on “Moving” as indicated in the image above.
  • On the next page, click on “Move My Service” as indicated in the image above.
  • Scroll down and select “Sign In To My Account” if you already have a PECO account. Else, select “Continue As A Guest“.

If you follow this procedure, you should be able to transfer your PECO Service successfully.

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