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Cincinnati Duke Energy – Interesting Facts You Must Know As A Customer

Cincinnati Duke Energy is the branch of Duke Energy Corporation located in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio. This particular branch is also the company’s headquarters for Ohio and Kentucky operations.

There are many interesting things you must know about this particular branch of Duke Energy as a customer. In this article, we shall be looking at information regarding Duke Energy Utility Company.

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Cincinnati Duke Energy – How it all started

The Cincinnati Duke Energy started over 180 years ago. It all started in 1837 when the company started operations in the Cincinnati area, except it wasn’t under the Duke Energy brand name. During this period, little is known of the natural gas we use in our homes today.

The then Cincinnati Gas Light & Coke Co. operates as a utility holding company in Ohio serving a portion of the residents. Cincinnati Gas Light & Coke Co. on January 14, 1843, lit its first ever gaslight in Cincinnati.

The company served the customers and has evolved over time into what we now know today as Duke Energy. It is very important to know where it all began, the achievements, and what actually makes Cincinnati Duke Energy more popular than the other branches of the company.

Cincinnati Duke Energy’s major milestones and achievements

There are some major milestones and achievements in the history of Duke Energy Cincinnati, Ohio that we must take a look at.

  • 1837 Cincinnati Gas Light & Coke Co.
    The very beginning is also a milestone. This is when the company was incorporated as Cincinnati Gas Light & Coke Co. and it marks the very beginning of the whole journey.
  • 1842 First gas mains
    The company installed its first gas mains as part of a contract with the City of Cincinnati to install 4,000 feet of new gas mains each year.
  • 1843 First gas light
    Residents of Cincinnati saw the company lighting its first gas light at the W.H. Harrison Drug Store and on main streets in downtown Cincinnati.
  • 1909 First electric lighting demonstration
    The company experienced its first electric lighting demonstration in Cincinnati and launched a campaign to encourage customers to use gas for cooking and heating in response.
  • 1930 completed new office building
    A new office was completed in Cincinnati at exactly where the first ever gas light was lit in 1843.
  • 1958 Completed propane facilities
    The company completed the construction of facilities where liquid propane is used to supplement natural gas supply during peak demand periods on the coldest days of the year.
  • 2015 Fifteen-year pipe replacements completed
    Fifteen years long replacement program of cast iron and bare steel pipes of about 1,500 miles was completed.
  • 2016 Proposed Central Corridor Pipeline Extension Project
    This project is to expand and enhance system reliability and flexibility. The project is also to see to the replacement and modernization of aging infrastructures.

These are some of the milestones and achievements of Cincinnati Duke Energy.

How Cincinnati Duke Energy evolved

Let us look at how the company started and how it got to where it is right now.

  • 1837 Cincinnati Gas Light & Coke Co
    The company was incorporated as Cincinnati Gas Light & Coke Co. That was the very first name the company was known by.
  • 1901 The Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company (CG&E)
    The company changed its name during this period from Cincinnati Gas Light & Coke Co to The Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company (CG&E)
  • 1909
    The company became a subsidiary of Columbia Gas & Electric Co. During this period the managerial roles were transferred to Columbia Gas & Electric Co.
  • 1994 PSI Energy merger
    The company merged with PSI Energy forming Cinergy. Cincinnati Gas & Electric company (CG&E) was still kept as the company’s name hence making it a subsidiary of Cinergy.
  • 2006 Duke Energy merger
    CG&E merged with Duke Energy to form Duke Energy Ohio. That is how come we now have Cincinnati Duke Energy.

Duke Energy Cincinnati Ohio phone number and address

It is very important that you know Duke Energy’s Cincinnati, Ohio phone number. Since this is the headquarters for both Ohio and Kentucky, it is very predictable that most people will want to get to the company’s office as well to get their issues resolved. Below is the phone number and address.

Address: 139 East Fourth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 United States

Phone Number: 800 544 6900

Don’t forget to check the Duke Energy Customer Service numbers in case you want to contact any other branch apart from the Cincinnati Duke Energy branch.

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