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Potomac Edison Electric Company | Best Info To Know About Your Utility

The Potomac Edison electric company is part of FirstEnergy’s network of distribution companies. This particular company serves approximately 400,000 customers within West Virginia and Maryland.

If you landed on this page in search of information about Potomac Edison electric company, then you are on the right page. Everything you need to know about the company has been well explained on this page.

The table of content below shows the overview of the topics treated on this page. You can click on any of the headings to jump to the particular article.

Where Potomac Edison electric company is

Potomac Edison is one of the FirstEnergy Corporation sub-companies that serve customers within two states. The company serves approximately 400,000 customers within West Virginia and Maryland.

The company serves two states. However, Grant County Airport-W99 is the only place where Potomac Edison office can be located. Since it is a FirstEnergy subsidiary, you can locate the head office in Akron, Ohio.

How to start service with Potomac Edison

To start service with Potomac Edison electric company, you must be within the West Virginia or Maryland area. All these areas get utility services within these states. However, they do not cover the entire state so you will have to be in a specific zone.

The territories covered by Potomac Edison electric company include;

  • Part of Mineral and Grant County, West Virginia
  • Hampshire County, West Virginia
  • Hardy County, West Virginia
  • Morgan County, West Virginia
  • Berkeley County, West Virginia
  • Jefferson County,y West Virginia
  • Garret County, Maryland
  • Allegany County, Maryland
  • Washington County, Maryland
  • Frederick County, Maryland
  • Part of Carrol, Howard, and Montgomery County, Maryland.

Check the map representation of the Potomac Edison electric company service area below.

Potomac Edison Electric company

You will have to be in any of these areas to be able to request service from Potomac Edison electric company.

If you look at the map, you will realize that a large portion of West Virginia is serviced by Mon Power so if you find yourself around that area, you can request service from Mon Power instead.

If you want to request service from Potomac Edison, there are two ways to go about it. You can easily fill a form online or you can call and request service via phone.

To request service through the online platform, follow the procedure outlined in my earlier article; How To Start Service With FirstEnergy. I have explained all the steps you must follow to get a new service installation.

Call Potomac phone number 800-686-0011 to request for new service via phone call.

Potomac Edison online bill pay methods

There are many bill payment options available. However, we will be looking at only the Potomac Edison online bill pay options. These are bill pay methods you can utilize from the comfort of your home over the internet.

There are three major Potomac Edison online bill pay methods.

Electronic bank draft
This payment option allows a customer to issue a one-time electronic bank draft to settle the Potomac bills. The method can also be set up such that it can automatically pay the bill when it is due. You will need your FirstEnergy account access to use this payment method. Read my previous article about the Electronic bank draft to know how to set up this payment option.

Debit or credit card
This payment method is made possible via a third party contracted by FirstEnergy to collect bills. You can pay your bill using any debit or credit card when you log into your FirstEnergy account. You can also set this payment method to charge your card automatically whenever your bill is due.

Direct debit payment
Direct Debit Payment is another third party employed by FirstEnergy corporation to collect bills. This particular method prioritizes recurring payments compared to other options. While it automatically saves your details for automatic payment, you can still delete or opt for only a one-time payment.

These are not the only Potomac Edison bill pay options. There are a couple of other payment methods including Pay in person and Pay by mail options. You should read more from my previous article: “Utilizing The Easiest FirstEnergy Corp Bill Pay Methods”.

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