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Toledo Edison Electric Company | The Best Info About Your Utility

Toledo Edison Electric Company is one of FirstEnergy Corporation’s 10 distribution companies serving over 300,000 customers in the northwest region of Ohio.

If you have followed for a while, we have been talking about the FirstEnergy Corporation and some of its 10 regulated distribution companies.

In this particular article, we shall take a quick look at the Toledo Edison Electric company which is also one of the ten FirstEnergy regulated companies.

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Toledo Edison Electric company

The Toledo Edison Electric company is an electric energy distribution company located at 6099 Angola Rd, Holland, Ohio. This company is part of the ten FirstEnergy subsidiaries.

Toledo Edison Electric company serves over 300,000 customers in the northwest Ohio region.

There are a few things you must know about the company as a customer or potential customer. This information will go a long way to help you manage your utilities and also make your transactions with the company easier.

First of all, let us take a look at how to start service with the company.

How to start service

To start service with Toledo Edison, you must reside or be moving to a location within the company’s service area. If you have satisfied the aforementioned criteria, then you can go ahead with the procedure.

There are two different ways one can request for new service with Toledo Edison. One can request service via online form or by simply calling the company’s phone number.

To start service using the online method, you will have to go through the same procedure that applies to all FirstEnergy customers. I have written a full article about How To Start Service With FirstEnergy Corporation that you can read to get more information about the entire process.

To request new service by phone, simply call (800) 447-3333. It is as easy as that.

Toledo Edison online bill pay methods

After service activation, one important thing you must know is how to pay your bills. Apart from the security deposit that is collected sometimes before service installations, you will have to pay for your monthly usage too.

Toledo Edison electric company has many payment methods available for customers. While some are completely online, others have absolutely nothing to do with an internet connection or online interactions.

Toledo Edison online bill pay methods include; Bank draft that allows customers to make a one-time or recurring electronic bank draft, a credit or debit card that allows customers to make payments with their debit or credit card, and direct debit payment which is also a bank payment that can be used for a one-time payment or recurring payments.

You should read my previous article about FirstEnergy Corp Bill Pay Methods to learn more about paying Toledo Edison electric company bills.

Toledo outage reporting

One of the major things we all want in a company is to be to report when something goes wrong and to be able to check and know help is on the way. That is exactly what the Toledo power outage reporting. It helps you report outages to the company.

Before you report outages, make sure you understand the situation a bit. It is very important to understand the situation before you start the Toledo power outage reporting process. It could be a fallen power line after a storm or probably a faulty circuit causing an outage only in your residence.

Simply call 888-544-4877 and report the issue. You can also log into your Toledo Edison online account and report the issue from your account.

Keep others away from getting close to fallen power lines or faulty circuits after reporting the issue.

Toledo Edison power outage report

The Toledo Edison power outage report shows which areas are affected by power outages.

To check the Toledo Edison power outage report, simply visit the current outage page. You should see a page similar to the page in the image below.

Toledo Edison Electric power outage report

Select Ohio and it should take you to a page similar to the one in the image below.

Toledo Edison electric power reporting

This will help you check the power outage report and the status of the outage.

Another way to check the Toledo Edison power outage report is by logging into your Toledo account. If you are the one who reported the outage, then you can track the status of the outage report using your Toledo account.

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